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There was a time when granite kitchen countertop was only preferred for high-end homes. However, with a rise in the number of China countertop manufacturer, the prices have seen a slight drop and the demand; a significant surge.

We strive to offer the best items and extremely fine services on which we have constructed our standard in making the marble, and stones.

Though there are many kitchen countertop manufacturers in China, you can’t trust all of them to provide you with a high-quality solution. Wuhu Junde Quartz Technology Co., Ltd has been around since 1998, and they have specialised in providing their clients with the best. This wholesale China countertop manufacturer is an excellent option for you to rely on in terms of price and quality.

We believe that granite countertops provide luxury and elegance to your kitchen.  Other than that, you also have the option of ordering a customised kitchen countertop. The size, shape, and colour can be chosen by you. In addition, you can order from just about anywhere. This China countertop manufacturer has the potential to help you make your kitchen beautiful.

There are several benefits of granite countertops, as they are very strong and have long lasting durability, heat resistance feature, free from maintenance stress and available in 3000 types and colours.

Our expertise makes us one of the world top leaders in creating unique designs, provide quality service, and wise administration, so if you ever feel confused regarding your order, you can always connect with our representative. We have managed to hire professional support personals to guide and assist you in making your order correctly.

We have trained staff which guarantees to meet international standard.  For that purpose, our staff make a thorough inquiry about the granite and material used in the making process as well as on the time of completion our team check before and after fixing the countertop.

We have highly trained engineering staff who works day and night to create unique designs for our customers. For every project, we present a variety of designing patterns for the customers, in order to make it easy for the customers to choose their kitchen counter’s design according to their budget and preferences.


Kitchen Countertop Manufacturer in China

1.Customized service: copy samples and different size available;

2. Over hundred colors with normal inventory without MOQ;

3. Two techonology patents from Chinese authority, so size flexible, thinest big slabs now is 8mm thin slabs to UK;

4. Test report to ensure good quality, such as density 2.56g/cm³.

5. New Litche finish quartz market and there are very few factory can do now.

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