Colored Quartz

There are many reasons to choose colored quartz stone for your countertops. If you have a plan to remodel your office’s kitchen, you are perhaps searching for artificial stones to upgrade your countertops. Depending upon what you kept in the past, you may be biased towards a specific material. Do you want quartz as compared to any other material? Probably you have the right choice as quartz has several benefits as discussed below:

Hygiene – An excellent advantage of Quartz

It sounds a bit absurd as what is the link between sanitation and a quartz countertop? Don’t worry and read further. As opposed to usual tile countertops or something which needs grout-lines, quartz possesses the micro-ban which safeguards against germs. Quartz also brings an easiness aspect to clean the surface. Also, you never need to reseal it, unlike granite or marble.

Quartz is a Non-Porous material

Quartz countertops constitute 93 per cent quartz and 7 per cent of polymers, resins and other kinds of pigments. Due to the composition mentioned, quartz countertops are called as non-porous. On the contrary, granite and marble contain capillaries which run through every slab. If you leak something which stains on unsealed granite or marble, you will find that it can be spilled into the countertop. He stain would be impossible to clean.

Quartz is comfortable to Maintain

If you carefully look after your quartz by cleaning up stains as soon as possible. Apart from cleanliness, no other maintenance is needed. Among some incredible advantages of quartz, one benefit that stands out is that it remains intact with minimum effort. Less effort requirement makes quartz brilliant for outdoor kitchen, where the weather might destroy any other colored quartz stone.

Quartz is Color Consistent

Granite can be dyed, did you know that before? The granite’s core can remain grey. Whereas half an inch (at least) is a separate color. This is different than the protective coating on a transparent resin. It is an actual paint or dye which bleeds and drop down to the stone. However, one of the excellent advantages of quartz is the appearance you see on the surface is what is inside. An artificial stone supplier provides you with the countertop that looks homogenous all along the surface, including the color.

Bottom Line

If you are in search of contemporary and sturdy countertops, quartz is the best and safest bet for you, whereas every artificial stone supplier makes quartz.

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